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The tenors have just come back from the Wakkerstroom Arts Festival. This is what an audience member wrote them:

From: sandy...
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 2:21 PM

Dear Gaabo Motho Tenors,

I have a cottage in Wakkerstroom and last weekend my husband and I invited six friends to come and stay and enjoy the music that was presented to us during the Wakkerstroom Arts Festival. Our first performance was the Gaabo Motho Tenors at Papillon at 12 noon on Saturday. I am writing to tell you that you BLEW US AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! You were just too fantastic for my simple words to describe!! From the moment you began to sing to the moment you kindly gave us an encore at the end I was terribly emotional and I can certainly say the same for the other seven people in our group. Your choice of music was so uplifting and popular and we were on an absolute high by the end of your performance. The standing ovation given to you was not gratitude enough for the joy you and your wonderful voices gave us - hence this note!! I just had to write to you and thank you so very much for being good enough to leave Pretoria on Friday evening and drive all the way to the small town of Waskkerstroom in order to sing for us on Saturday - the memory of your gorgeous voices and your charismatic presence will long remain with all of us and you are truly commended for doing all of this for no monetary reward - a very special gift to us all when we are so well aware of the need to earn money - A BIG BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO THE FOUR OF YOU!!! AND THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

My husband and I will be looking out for you in the future and I hope Elzette will put me on your mailing list - we often go to the Linder and it would be wonderful if you could perform there some time soon - I will have to speak to Richard Cock!!!

My most sincere and best wishes to the four of you and all success in the future - you deserve everything of the best and you made us South Africans proud!!!

Good luck and kindest regards
Sandy B... (Mrs)

The beautiful Game
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